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We create experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better.

We aspire to assist people with enormous potential to realize their dreams by removing small obstacles that hamper their journey towards success.

We strongly believe that a progressive nation is made of caring society and competent workforce. Our team of dedicated professionals have devoted their lives to accomplish this mission.

We Hope that you will answer our calling and support our noble cause to secure the future of forthcoming generations Help us to recycle kindness by participating in our structured programs.

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Our Aim is to provide quality education through our quality teachers, methods and materials. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that parents are satisfied with our services which are to improve their children's studies, educational skill and quality.

Dr. Mohammed Nazim

CEO / Director

Puan Mariyam Beevi

Chairman KCM Group







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At KCM, we assist aspiring individuals to build better lives through various educational programs.

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Help your child to grow their wings with us and let them fly towards their dreams.

Kelas Tuisyen Cikgu Mariyam which was founded more than 20 years ago envisioned to be the best tuition centre in Malaysia. We made substantial investments in developing quality teaching materials, training our manpower and providing wholesome learning experience to our students.

Our dedicated and experienced tutors perfectly understood the high expectations rendered by hopeful parents on us. Teaching and learning is not just a daily routine but has becoming a life mission for us. We enhance academic potentials and emphasize on positive character developement as well.

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